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  • Megan huffed and climbed into the buggy, sitting next to Miriam who accepted the reins from Ted.
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  • It was a rakish smile that made her hold her breath. Although she was sure he said something, she didn t hear what it was and was soon dreaming.

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  • She turned back and spoke to Elsa, who was still sitting in the back seat of the Taxi. We were enjoying friendly conversation and lost track of time.

    Megan gave the picture back to her and studied the joy in her mother s eyes. Get her far away from the cookstove, Esther agreed, waving them over.

  • She approached him with a 176 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story sexy sway of her hips, reached up and straightened out his collar without any objection from him. A light snoring drifted from the foot of the bed.
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    I haven t done anything you didn t want done. Snapping open her eyes, Celeste stared at Elsa for a moment, all elements of surprise were erased from her features, I certainly hope she didn t have anything to drink.
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  • Miriam leaned forward to ask, So, may I ask who gave you the ring? He groaned, spun around, gave her a quick kiss, and stormed out the door.
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    I m only eighteen...and well, I m kind of seeing someone.
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